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  • • Overall Sales Satisfaction: Completely Satisfied
  • • Given level of attention wanted: Excellent
  • • Appearance of dealership facility: Excellent
  • • Salesperson overall: Excellent
  • • Overall payment experience: Excellent
  • • Overall delivery process: Excellent
  • • Follow Through on commitments: Excellent
  • • Sales Follow Up: Yes
  • • Did you have a concern? No
  • • Engagement level: Highly engaged

Gustafson's focus on my desire in this 2015 truck is the reason I bought my first Ford F150 and traded in a Chevy. No dealership listened to my checklist in getting what I wanted, trying to sell me a truck with future resale value, except for Gustafson Ford. I could care less about future resale value, I got EXACTLY what I wanted in this 2015 truck. This business sale model should be adopted by all. My Chevy dealership can not believe I am not driving my 3rd Chevy Colorado, (2004 & 2008). 2015 did not happen, for I did not want the 2015 Colorado on their lot. I am very, very glad that once my future truck was found the 2 dealerships worked out a dealer trade. Great Sales Plan/ Client focus... Gustafson Ford is the reason I bought a Ford, not Ford, but the F150 is a very, very nice truck.

Timothy W., Geneseo, IL

I am an extremely fussy and persnickety shopper and was searching for months for a particular used vehicle. Gustafson Ford is two hours away from my home, but Chuck Forsythe made the journey and sale worth while. Chuck made sure my questions were answered, even going so far as to contact the previous owner of my car to pose questions. That's above and beyond. I was introduced to the dealership owner and the finance team, and the admin staff expedited my paperwork for registration. I highly recommend Gustafson Ford. They love what they do, and it shows! Thank you. 

Gerald White 

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