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  • Service: (877) 466-7407
  • Parts: (877) 806-1052

Gustafson Ford

Customer Ratings & Comments:

  • • Overall Sales Satisfaction: Completely Satisfied
  • • Given level of attention wanted: Excellent
  • • Appearance of dealership facility: Excellent
  • • Salesperson overall: Excellent
  • • Overall payment experience: Excellent
  • • Overall delivery process: Excellent
  • • Follow Through on commitments: Excellent
  • • Sales Follow Up: Yes
  • • Did you have a concern? No
  • • Engagement level: Highly engaged

Gustafson's focus on my desire in this 2015 truck is the reason I bought my first Ford F150 and traded in a Chevy. No dealership listened to my checklist in getting what I wanted, trying to sell me a truck with future resale value, except for Gustafson Ford. I could care less about future resale value, I got EXACTLY what I wanted in this 2015 truck. This business sale model should be adopted by all. My Chevy dealership can not believe I am not driving my 3rd Chevy Colorado, (2004 & 2008). 2015 did not happen, for I did not want the 2015 Colorado on their lot. I am very, very glad that once my future truck was found the 2 dealerships worked out a dealer trade. Great Sales Plan/ Client focus... Gustafson Ford is the reason I bought a Ford, not Ford, but the F150 is a very, very nice truck.

Timothy W., Geneseo, IL